Course Detail: WTTG976 - Senior Professional in Human Resources + Payroll Practice and Management

The Senior Professional in Human Resources + Payroll Practice and Management 2-Course bundle 100% online self-paced, open entry advanced career training program helps students gain essential human resources and payroll management skills needed to advance their career. After successful completion, students understand the job duties and pay of a senior human resources professional; know core knowledge and the functional areas of the SPHR exam; how to formulate and execute a strategic plan for your department and the organization; understand how to monitor your organization's progress in hiring, retaining, and promoting people who are in protected categories; participate in talent and performance management as a senior human resources professional' know their role in labor legislation and labor relations; identify laws and regulations that affect employers in their payroll operations; identify deductions, both voluntary and involuntary, that are taken out of employees' gross pay; calculate gross and net pay; explain the use of the forms required to withhold, deposit, and report federal income taxes; recognize dates and regulations to ensure payroll compliance and reporting; understand the payroll process and supporting systems and administration; correctly apply payroll policies and procedures of a payroll department; journalize payroll transactions and post to appropriate general ledger accounts; be able to process a payroll from start to finish (payroll project); and be prepared to sit for the Senior Professional in Human Resources exam and the FPC exam to become certified in the fundamentals of payroll. For more information and to register, click this link:

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