In Person Seminars

We offer a wide variety of in person seminars held on campus and in cities nationwide. You will find topics that will help you improve patient care and meet your licensing requirements taught by well-qualified instructors.

You are able to search for courses by profession, by instructor or by calendar.  Register online anytime to save time. You can register on our site or be directed to one of our partners to sign up.

Please contact us at (952) 885-5446 or if you have any questions.


We do not have a concussion problem, we have a concussion management problem. Currently, the discussion regarding concussions is on how to diagnose and not on treatment. As a neurologically based profession, doctors of chiropractic are uniquely qualified to diagnose and manage concussions.

Saturday, October 12, 2019, Lecture Room 6
We offer the American Heart Association's BLS for Healthcare Providers Course which is designed to train you in the lifesaving skills of both CPR and AED use, and relief of choking based on the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines. 

This course provides for certification in CPR through the American Heart Association (AHA). Since this course fulfills the requirements of the AHA attendance is mandatory. Attendance will be taken. Attendance sheet must be signed or attendance will not be certified.

Saturday, October 5, 2019, Room 17

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