GPL24 - 2024 Great Plains Conference: Monday Morning Miracles - Practical Implementation of Functional Medicine with Everyday Case Studies and Proven Care Strategies

Getting great results with your practice members using a functional medicine care model doesn't have to require a PhD in nutrition, thousands of hours of study, or a complete rearranging of your schedule. Dr. Rostenberg has simplified the application of functional medicine to make this amazing and effective way of practice available to practitioners of all walks of life and experiences.

Learn to think, talk and function like a world-class functional medicine practitioner without rearranging your daily flow and practice structure.  Gut problems, brain and mood issues, chronic pain, stress, inflammation, hormonal imbalances and everything in between.  Walk into your practice every day, providing excellent opportunity for both you and your practice members for greater connection and health improvement through a functional medicine way of practicing.

This exciting seminar will highlight these top health concerns, and by combining science, research and clinical experience with practical, proven protocols and functional medicine methods in a case study format, you will learn new tools for "Monday Morning" implementation strategies. Learn how to start further improving the lives of your diverse practice base, have more fun, deeper connection with your practice members and your work and elevate and grow your practice immediately.

To register or get more information at: or call 1-800-444-9998 x. 178.

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