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This course is intended for those individuals who are new to hospital patient accounting or are interested in becoming a member of a hospital's business office.

September 18, 2022 to October 2, 2022, RVC Rm TBA
This course will provide the student with a thorough but concise and non-technical knowledge of the actions, uses, interactions, and side effects of drugs.

June 9-30, 2022, Online-via ZOOM
September 15, 2022 to October 6, 2022, Online-via ZOOM
December 1-22, 2022, Online-via ZOOM
Introduction to physician billing and reimbursement practices

September 10-24, 2022, Public Square
Students will learn the features, functions, and workflows of administrative, practice management, clinical, and billing activities using a live electronic medical record (EMR) program.

October 1-15, 2022, Casey 110
Working with the popular and prestigious 3M Health Information Systems software, this course will allow the more advanced coding student the opportunity to take their textbook knowledge and apply it to the computer.

September 12, 2022 to October 17, 2022, Casey 110
December 3, 2022 to January 7, 2023, Casey 110
This course is designed to review the coding skills necessary to prepare an individual for the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) and/or the Certified Coding Specialist - Physician based (CCS-P) credentialing exams offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

June 2, 2022 to July 28, 2022, Online-via ZOOM
October 5, 2022 to November 30, 2022, Online-via ZOOM
Successful clinical documentation integrity (CDI) programs facilitate the accurate representation of a patient's clinical status that translates into coded data

October 7, 2022 to February 10, 2023, Online-via ZOOM

Certificate Programs

Provide the skills necessary to function in a physician's office. clinic or ambulatory care setting.
Skilled Diagnostic Coding is designed for those seeking employment in hospitals, insurance companies, physician's office as well as private consulting firms.