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This course is intended for those individuals who are new to hospital patient accounting or are interested in becoming a member of a hospital's business office.

June 4-18, 2023, Siena 107
This course will provide the student with a thorough but concise and non-technical knowledge of the actions, uses, interactions, and side effects of drugs.

May 8, 2023 to June 5, 2023, Online-via ZOOM
June 12, 2023 to July 3, 2023, Online-via ZOOM
Introduction to physician billing and reimbursement practices

Course schedule to be announced
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Students will learn the features, functions, and workflows of administrative, practice management, clinical, and billing activities using a live electronic medical record (EMR) program.

June 3-17, 2023, Casey 110

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Provide the skills necessary to function in a physician's office. clinic or ambulatory care setting.