Certificate Programs

Learn the criteria that make photographs tell a story and become more attractive to the viewer. Gain an understanding of how to use the digital camera to capture the images you want. You also will learn how to upload images to a computer, enhance images digitally, and share them as prints and via the Internet. Students must bring a digital SLR camera to class.
This course is for the photographer who already knows camera basics and now wants to take their shooting outside. This class will teach you techniques used by professional photographers.
Master digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera operation, exposure, and composition. Assignments will be shot digitally and photos will be used throughout the certificate series. Topics include images and pixels, focusing techniques,aperture and shutter exposure, sharpness and depth of field, file format, image size and resolution, composing images, and organizing/archiving images.
Develop an understanding of how to create images that are artistic and suitable for gallery exhibits. By studying the work of other photographers, you will gain a sense of how photographic images can become art and be able to create your own photo art that may be suitable for a gallery show.
Learn how to create exceptional portraits using poses and lighting that emphasize your subjects' characters and features. Work with live models in a studio and complete photo assignments to be critiqued by the instructor.
This course will provide an opportunity to examine advertising and marketing strategies that will help you promote yourself as a photography professional. Basic business strategies, photography markets, and individual shooting skills are among the topics to be discussed. Learn how to brand your business and develop a strong portfolio.
Photoshop is an important tool to get the most out of your images. Students will receive a brief overview of computer fundamentals and progress to using Photoshop for basic image management, editing, manipulation, color and tonal correction, retouching, and managing files.
This class is designed to prepare students in the various elements required to implement and complete a portfolio. Basic applications needed to prepare both a printed and digital portfolio will be discussed, as well as methods needed to create images for presentations.