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In this class, we will be looking at store bought salad dressings made with chemicals and artificial ingredients and comparing them to simple flavorful homemade dressings. Taste the difference & educate yourself on how to make a better dressing from chemical free ingredients, including quality extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic. Click here to be notified about the next scheduled program. New Indiana State Law allows more delegation of duties for allied dental professionals! The course will cover patient and operator positioning,and proper polishing technique by quadrant. Dental Assisting: Fluoride Administration Professional fluoride treatment is recommended for dental patients to prevent cavities and to re-mineralize weakened enamel. The course will cover the application of fluoride rinses, gels, and varnish.
Prerequisite: Windows® experience This hands-on course for beginners will help you develop a familiarity with AutoCAD command entries, menu structure, and geometric creation and manipulation. You will be introduced to fundamental two-dimensional commands for graphic creation and editing. Highlights include hardware/software requirements, menu and interface, drawing setup, editing techniques, text and dimensioning, and printing and plotting. This workshop is your first step towards small business ownership. Based on the premise that every successful business is built on a solid foundation, this comprehensive workshop will help you evaluate your business idea and prepare yourself to create a sound business plan, manage expectations, and increase chances of accessing capital for your new business. $25 Fee includes workbook.
Overwhelmed by the piles on desks and counter tops that result in wasted time looking for important papers? This two-part class is tailored to you and the way you process information, as well as to your individual space. Learn the basics of Microsoft Project 2016 to create a project schedule and share it with clients and co-workers. New software features include: multiple timelines, ability to set the start and end dates for each timeline separately, better control over resource scheduling through resource engagement, and how to use the "Tell me what you want me to do" feature.