The Advanced Paralegal Study courses are offered in addition to the Paralegal Certificate course providing students more in-depth coverage of specific topics of law.
The CBCS Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing & Coding + Medical Terminology is geared towards students who are interested in obtaining a career in the healthcare industry, but have little to no experience within the sector. This comprehensive program will provide a foundation of medical vocabulary, to help you better understand doctors' notes and medical record contents. It will also teach you essential medical office management skills that healthcare managers look for when hiring new front office staff.
CBCS Medical Billing and Coding is an ideal program for students new to a medical career. If you're seeking entry into the healthcare industry, this comprehensive program will provide you with all of the information you need to earn a certification in medical billing and coding.
Participants should have a strong working knowledge of algebra and basic computer skills. This course will provide current and future managers effective technology tools and skills to identify and analyze business problems, create and test solutions, and devise a plan to manage the project's completion. Participants will work in teams on projects for Northeast Indiana companies through the study and implementation of tools and strategies.
Employment law is a branch of contract law that deals with relationships between employers and employees.
This intensive, nationally-acclaimed online course is for legal professionals in any phase of their career who would like to enhance their career options. Practice-oriented instruction will teach participants how to interview clients and witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, prepare legal documents and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation.
FREE WEBINAR: This session is designed to provide information for anyone interested in the fitness profession or in becoming a nationally certified personal trainer.