Certificate Programs

In this course, you will use Adobe®Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud 2017, the most current version of the Adobe design suite, to create web pages, focusing on the content, styling, and design. Dreamweaver Creative Cloud allows users to create clean web-standard code with visual editing tools. You will also maintain and administer your website with Dreamweaver's site and page management tools.
Recommended Prerequisite: Adobe Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud 2017: Part I This advanced course will teach users to enhance web pages by means of adding advanced functions such as navigational controls, media elements, and forms. In this course, users will create fluid CSS layouts, implement mobile integration techniques, and share files over a server to work in a collaborative manner.
The Advanced Paralegal Study courses are offered in addition to the Paralegal Certificate course providing students more in-depth coverage of specific topics of law.
Prerequisite: Windows® experience This hands-on course for beginners will help you develop a familiarity with AutoCAD® command entries, menu structure, and geometric creation and manipulation. You will be introduced to fundamental two-dimensional commands for graphic creation and editing. Highlights include hardware/software requirements, menu and interface, drawing setup, editing techniques, text and dimensioning, and printing and plotting.
Electronic communication - especially email - is supposed to make us more productive at work. Often, though, it can be frustrating trying to keep up. This class will focus on helping you managing electronic communication and learn how to create a system that makes the most of your time and email and other tools so you can be more productive and achieve the focus you need to communicate more clearly.
Participants should have a strong working knowledge of algebra and basic computer skills. This course will provide current and future managers effective technology tools and skills to identify and analyze business problems, create and test solutions, and devise a plan to manage the project's completion. Participants will work in teams on projects for Northeast Indiana companies through the study and implementation of tools and strategies.
Participants should have a strong working knowledge of algebra and basic computer skills. This course will provide current and future managers effective technology tools and skills to identify and analyze business problems, create and test solutions, and devise a plan to manage the project's completion. Participants will work in teams on projects for Northeast Indiana companies through the study and implementation of tools and strategies.
The "heart and soul" of a business is its marketing plan. This course highlights the critical elements of a marketing plan and provides tips and resources available for developing sound marketing strategies.
You can learn to manage your investments in a simple and effective way that does not require you to spend all day reading the Wall Street Journal or watching CNBC. Local investment advisers will be sharing the secrets of how most people can save money by managing their investments on their own. In this course, you will learn how to determine your risk tolerance, design a diversified asset allocation model, and choose low maintenance investments to execute your investment plan. Additional topics include: the basics of investing, building a portfolio, selecting investments and managing your allocation over time. The goal of this course is for every participant to walk out with a solid investment plan.
Employment law is a branch of contract law that deals with relationships between employers and employees.
Understand the job search process from applications to job offers. In addition, participants will receive special information to assist with common employment barriers such as criminal history and limited computer skills. By the end of this session you will have a new or updated completed resume ready to send to employers.
Microsoft® Excel® is the most widely-used spreadsheet in business for managing, analyzing and presenting data. In this course, which combines lecture and hands-on practice, you will learn how to create spreadsheets and perform basic data analysis.
Learn to access affordable childcare and parenting classes. Learn how to care for aging family members. Additional information includes resources for dealing with special needs situations including military families, persons with disabilities, and limited English-speaking abilities.
Are you a small business owner who needs to understand your company's financial statements? Through practical discussion and case study, this two-part course will teach you how to prepare and read balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
Where is the money? This workshop reviews a variety of funding sources, including commercial lenders, the SBA, and state, regional and local programs, and highlights financial terminology and borrower qualifications. The seminar is intended for individuals starting a business as well as owners of existing businesses who are investigating financing options.
Efficiently use your time and existing resources to achieve your fundraising goals. Effective fundraising practices can be adapted to meet the unique realities of smaller nonprofits. Efficiently use your time and existing resources - including board members and other volunteers - to achieve your fundraising goals. This workshop is in partnership with the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.
Developing effective grant writing skills are essential to acquire competitive funding from government agencies and private foundations. Writing a successful grant proposal requires basic know-how, content knowledge, writing proficiency, strong research skills, creativity, organizational ability, and patience. This non-credit course will provide you with the background necessary to develop a basic funding proposal. It will also provide an introduction to the basic skills, principles and techniques of successful grant writing.
This course is intended for new supervisors, office managers and entry level HR employees who need to better understand employment law, performance management, staffing and more. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the front-line supervisor's role in important HR-related transactions.
Learn to access low cost medical and dental care, access wellness programs and insurance. Learn where to find healthy and nutritious family meals, including information about urban gardening projects and coupon clubs.
Learn how to secure and retain affordable, decent, and safe housing. Learn about fair housing regulations and available housing programs. Also includes how to search for housing, deposits, inspections, general lease terms and the termination process.
A business plan is used by company owners to manage the direction and expectations of their business as well as to solicit funding for implementing growth strategies or starting a new enterprise. This one-session workshop covers the basic elements and includes tips for writing a business plan to fuel success.
Have you ever thought about starting your own business and being your own boss? In this six-part course, which is more comprehensive than the Launching Your Own Business workshop, entrepreneurs will learn the steps needed and the challenges involved in developing their ventures.
Gain an overview of the issues that affect some residents to fully partake in the attractions and activities in our All-American City. Discover the importance of connecting residents to the cultural, entertainment and recreational activities available. In addition, learn more about city demographics and local government.
This workshop is your first step towards small business ownership. Based on the premise that every successful business is built on a solid foundation, this comprehensive workshop will help you evaluate your business idea and prepare yourself to create a sound business plan, manage expectations, and increase chances of accessing capital for your new business. $25 Fee includes workbook.
This comprehensive approach to developing leaders is adaptable to the needs of any organization and features three tracks developed specifically for team leaders, frontline managers, mid-level managers, and emerging leaders.The program will begin with an individual assessment to provide a framework for the curriculum and serve as the foundation for your leadership development. The tracks can be completed in one semester or across several, allowing flexibility to participants and an ability to develop their skills in a schedule that is accommodating to their personal and professional lives.
Leadership is much more than a title or a position. In this Track, learn leadership basics, how to leverage your strengths, better communicate, work effectively by embracing diversity, harness the power of engagement, and how to coach for high performance. Learn and discuss techniques to influence change and those responsible for it.
In Track III, learn how to Unlock the Synergy in Teams, management Team Dynamics and Conflict, Facilitator Basics, and How to Make Meetings Work.
LinkedIn is unmatched when it comes to its ability to connect users with employers and qualified business-to-business leads. This course is designed to help participants understand why LinkedIn should be at the center of their sales and marketing strategy.
Discover how to create and deliver engaging multimedia presentations that convey the key points of your message through the use of text, graphics, and animations. Identify the basic features and functions of PowerPoint 2016.
Upon completing this course, you will be able to customize the PowerPoint 2016 application, and effectively create, collaborate on, secure, and distribute complex multimedia presentations for a variety of situations. Course Objectives:
Prerequisite: Microsoft® Excel®: Basic or equivalent knowledge In this course combining lecture and hands-on practice, you will review the basics of Excel® before proceeding to advanced features. Learn advanced formatting, outlines, charting, and data consolidation, creating and managing cell names, working with lists and tables, saving and publishing as web pages and working with hyperlinks, and documenting and auditing workbooks. Basic macros and pivot tables are also covered.
This is an in-depth project management learning experience completely aligned with the Project Management Institute's standards and philosophies. The Project Management Institute's (PMI) PMP® credential recognizes demonstrated knowledge and skill in leading and directing project teams and in delivering project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, and resources.
This intensive, nationally-acclaimed online course is for legal professionals in any phase of their career who would like to enhance their career options. Practice-oriented instruction will teach participants how to interview clients and witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, prepare legal documents and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation.
This program is designed to provide you with the skill and knowledge needed to be a successful project manager. The six modules are closely aligned with PMI® PMBOK© Guide, version 5, and have been developed in cohort with the Northeast Indiana Chapter of PMI Professional Development group.
QuickBooks® is user friendly and an excellent choice for small business owners wanting to do electronic bookkeeping and accounting. Learn how to set up a new company and perform business-related tasks such as writing checks, invoicing, tracking receivables and payables, inventories, bank reconciliations, payroll functions, and journal entries, as well as how to print various reports and financial statements.
In this advanced class, you will take your QuickBooks knowledge and skills to the next level, learning how to prepare financial statements, prepare and adjust journal entries, and perform business-related tasks such as backing up and condensing company files.
This introduction to the human resources profession and its practices is designed for entry-level HR professionals, small business owners responsible for the HR function in their companies, and those considering a potential change of career to HR.
This program offers a cost-effective method to train and certify in Six Sigma techniques. Learn the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process aided by the advanced statistical methods used in Six Sigma projects.(Includes Green Belt.) Successful Six Sigma projects produce measurable results and help increase a company's skill in process optimization and continuous improvement.
Learn the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) process,data collection techniques, and statistical methods used in Six Sigma projects.
The Social Media Professional Certificate is designed to provide you with the foundation and skill set needed in the evolving world of social media tools and strategies so they can be immediately applied in the workplace. Upon completion of all four courses, you will receive a professional certificate of achievement. Class size is limited - register early!**