The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta has grown into one of the world's most photographed events. This is an experience not to be missed! New Mexico is a place diverse in culture and scenic beauty. Visit Old Town Albuquerque and wind through the stunning Turquoise Trail. The trip also ventures to nearby Santa Fe to tour the St. Francis Cathedral, the end of the Santa Fe Trail, and the Santa Fe School of Cooking. Register early, this trip fills up fast.
Learn the criteria that make photographs tell a story and become more attractive to the viewer. Gain an understanding of how to use the digital camera to capture the images you want. You also will learn how to upload images to a computer, enhance images digitally, and share them as prints and via the Internet. Students must bring a digital SLR camera to class.
The Beginner I course is designed to introduce students to the everyday language of Japan. Lessons will be organized around natural conversational topics, leading students from fundamental aspects of grammar to readings in simple texts along with basic writing. It is beneficial if you know Hiragana and can read it and have studied the Japanese language less than one year.
Prerequisite: Must have completed Beginner I. Must have studied the Japanese language more than one year. This class is designed to be completed in one year September 2016 through June 2017. A focus of this course will be to develop Japanese language proficiency and knowledge through grammatical and practical learning and activities in order to be able to carry on basic conversations with Japanese native speakers.
This class will focus on the new beginning learner to the Japanese language and culture.
This course is designed to help the woman golfer perfect her game. You will learn the basics of the game as well as utilizing golf drills.
Men and women golfers: Are you playing in the 90's, 100's, or more? It's time to look at your game! This class will get you on the right track to breaking 90 and turn your game around!
Would you like a new challenge? Then you should learn the game of Bridge. If you are familiar with Euchre, Canasta, Pinochle, this game is similar yet, in many ways, different. Bridge exercises the mind and provides many social opportunities. You will learn suit and No Trump bidding, responses, and play as well as scoring, leads, finesses, strategies, and so much more. Whether you have a little knowledge of the game or are an absolute beginner, this class is for you.
Sharpen you Bridge skills and learn some new concepts in bidding, declarer play and defense. This intermediate course consists of a brief review of the basics, including Stayman and Cue Stayman Convention, cuebids, takeout doubles and redoubles, preemptive bids, leads, signals, weak two bids, Two Club openers, and much more.
Burmese conversation is designed for those professionals who deal with the Burmese population in our community. This course will help you develop Burmese language skills to communicate fluently with those clients. This course ensures that proficiency is built up gradually through communication and interaction.
This class is a continuation of the first Burmese class. This course will help you develop Burmese language skills to communicate fluently with Burmese clients. This course ensures that proficiency is built up gradually through communication and interaction.
This course is designed for those interested in learning more about the different Burmese ethnic groups and their background, culture and traditions.
Join us for a day trip to Chicago! Imagine a young playwright on the make struggling to write his new tragic love story, Romeo and Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter. It just doesn't have the right ring-and young Will Shakespeare knows it. He finds his muse in Viola, a vivacious beauty who will do anything-even disguise herself as a man-to audition for the stage, where no women are permitted to perform. Once her true identity is revealed, a torrid affair begins, inspiring the most romantic tragedy ever penned.
Is your home a source of frustration instead of peace and calm? Are the piles of stuff overwhelming you and you get sidetracked every time you try to get organized? Do you waste a lot of time looking for things? Certified Professional Organizer Emily Fitzgerald will teach you the basic process to organize any space in your home, from the closet to the kitchen and everything in between.
Overwhelmed by the piles on desks and counter tops that result in wasted time looking for important papers? This two-part class is tailored to you and the way you process information, as well as to your individual space.
Prerequisite: Conversational French : Beginning or equivalent knowledge of basic French language skillsYou have achieved success as a beginner, but before moving to the intermediate level we recommend Conversational French: Advanced Beginner. In this class you will talk about your home and neighborhood, leisure activities, childhood memories, past and present relationships and ordering in a restaurant.
This course continues to concentrate on conversational Spanish, pronunciation, and correct grammar for effective communication. The course is taught in an interactive style and includes an overview of Hispanic cultures.
This course concentrates on conversational Spanish, pronunciation, and correct grammar for effective communication. The course is taught in an interactive style and includes an overview of Hispanic cultures.
This course is for the photographer who already knows camera basics and now wants to take their shooting outside. This class will teach you techniques used by professional photographers.
This course will focus on steps elder persons and their families need to take to meet the cost of long-term care. Topics include the role of Powers of Attorney (financial and healthcare), Wills vs. Trusts, Medicaid Asset Transfer Rules, and identifying and preserving assets that are exempt from Medicaid spend- down.
Create a healthy self image while defining your own signature style! Do you stand in your full closet thinking you have nothing to wear? Do you want to feel good about yourself? Then this class is for you! Men and women will learn how to uncover their signature style and present their IDEAL selves in this 3 week course.
This course will examine all the elements of short story writing as well as how to pull them together. Points of view and attack will be discussed, along with format and marketing. Students will have the option of sharing their stories at the final meeting.
Are you preparing for a trip to France, the world's top tourist destination, or another of the 56 countries in the French-speaking world? Seize this opportunity to develop your skills in language and culture. This class will familiarize you with spoken French and tourism-related information. Practical conversation skills for airports, hotels, restaurants, and landmarks will be introduced. You will also learn important historical and cultural details, which will be tailored based on your intended travel destinations.
Planning to take up golf or wish to improve your game? Learn the proper stance and grip to become better on the course.
Do you want to improve your putting, save your par 3's, lower your score, or get the ball to stop on the green? We will work on putting and bump and run shots, and study the effective use of the pitching wedge (pw), lob wedge (lw), and sand wedge (sw).
Children and Adult programs available. The focus of the children's reading programs (age 4 through 11th grade) is to develop a love of reading. Skill development that provides increased fluency and comprehension is also emphasized. The focus of the adult program (12th grade through adult) is to improve reading efficiency. To that end, eye-tracking exercises, retention techniques and systematic analytical approaches are taught. For more information and to register, call The Institute for Reading Development at 1-800-964-8888.
Have the opportunity to be introduced to the art of Japanese calligraphy and learn the fundamentals of this ancient writing art form.
This introduction to the Italian language and culture is great for travelers interested in learning practical communication skills and grammar.
Gain an overview of the issues that affect some residents to fully partake in the attractions and activities in our All-American City. Discover the importance of connecting residents to the cultural, entertainment and recreational activities available. In addition, learn more about city demographics and local government.
This course is designed for those adults who seek to learn communicative skills in Korean and a basic understanding of the cultures and customs of Korea. You can attend any 4 sessions for just $50. For more information, please contact James Park at or 260-909-3000
This course is designed for those adults who seek to learn communicative skills in Korean and a basic understanding of the cultures and customs of Korea. You can attend any 4 sessions for just $50. For more information, please contact James Park at or 260-909-3000.
A well-landscaped home increases in value, provides an enjoyable setting for the family, and is easily maintained. This course is intended to help you develop a pleasing and functional landscape, plan select, buy and care for trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers, as well as how to maintain your landscape beds.
This course will give you a chance to use what you have learned about golf and put it into play on the golf course. You will play golf on a Par 3, while receiving direction from the instructor on club choice, form, etc. This course will help bring your game up to par!
LinkedIn is unmatched when it comes to its ability to connect users with employers and qualified business-to-business leads. This course is designed to help participants understand why LinkedIn should be at the center of their sales and marketing strategy.
Learn to train your abdominal muscles correctly and lose weight. Developing a well-toned midsection can be easy with the right knowledge and exercises.

Through this course, you will learn how to naturally achieve a younger appearance through proper hydration combined with exercises to tone and smooth your chin, neck, and jaw line and improve other problem areas.

Want to downsize and move to a smaller home, or have a loved one who is facing the overwhelming task of going through a lifetime of possessions so he or she can move to a condo or assisted-living facility? Learn how to jump-start the process and let go of "stuff".
Whether for a career move or for personal knowledge, get all the information needed to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Our personal trainer course is a great way to prepare to be a successful nationally Certified Personal Trainer.
Piloxing® blends the muscle sculpting of Pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing, and the fun of dance into a high energy cardio workout. Come and experience this fun workout rooted in core centered technique.

Beginning and advanced writers will learn how to clarify plot, character, and dialogue principles used in all genres. Four intensive sessions will allow students the option of writing a two to three-page short story to share at the end of the course.
You read every putt, but, like most players, your routine is guesswork disguised as green-reading. This class will address every part of the putting stroke: grip, set-up, stance and will offer techniques to develop a better putting stroke.
QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer, three simple steps that can help save a life from suicide. People training in this technique learn to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to defuse the situation. Save the life of a friend, colleague, sibling, or neighbor by taking this training.
The R.A.D. System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques exclusively for women. The course begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and risk avoidance, and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training. This course is for adult women and is open to age 16 when accompanied by a parent.

Learn how you can travel for FREE!

75-million baby boomers are retiring and pursuing their travel dreams. National speaker, Gina Henry will show you how to afford your travel dreams.

Learn how to get free airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, tours, car rentals, vacation meals, & more all over the world. If you are near retirement, retired, re-tooling, changing careers or someone who likes the idea of making additional income to support their travel dreams, while keeping their retirement money in the bank, this class is for you.

About the Instructor:
Gina Henry is author of the book Retire & Travel Free.Visit Gina's website for more information. Click Here

After being told for years that Social Security is "going broke," many are realizing that it will soon be their turn to collect. But the decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime.
One of the most difficult issues that golfers over 50 struggle with more than younger golfers is golf consistency.Topics covered include: Using your age advantage, loss of distance, flexibility, analyzing your swing and how specific drills can help you with your game.
The Seventh Annual Black Tie Gala Scholarship Fundraiser is presented by the IPFW Hospitality Management Association.
Did you know Northeast Indiana officially has three growing seasons for vegetable crops, without the help of a greenhouse? The course in intended to help you know when to start planting, where each vegetable grows best, the required inputs to maximize crop outputs, and how to protect your crops from weather, bugs, disease, and critters.
Each class will have a different mix of cardio and strength formatting, with the variety ensuring enhanced fat burning and alleviating boredom. Also included will be extensive core training, flexibility, and stretching.

Participants of this seminar series will be empowered with knowledge, insights, real experience and practical solutions to the current dilemmas surrounding our relation to food. Explore long lost traditional wisdom on balanced care of our body combined with innovate solutions for future challenges of increased presence of processed foods, GMOs, agrochemicals, refined sugars, degenerative diseases and cancer. This seminar goes beyond the 'to eat' and 'not to eat' list found in a book or the short-term fix of the fad diet.
From the vineyard to your glass, this class delivers a complete introduction to wine. Discussions include tasting techniques, wine making practices, varietals, and regions. Each class includes wine tastings and chef selected food samples as you learn to look beyond the label when choosing your next wine.
Yoga Flow integrates poses, postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. This is a mindful and moving class. All levels welcome.
Yoga Tone is an energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing movements and music. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session for the perfect balance of sweat and serenity.

Planning for a retirement transition doesn't have to be intimidating or daunting. After completing this course, you should have a higher level of comfort with all the key areas of retirement planning.