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LinkedIn is unmatched when it comes to its ability to connect users with employers and qualified business-to-business leads. This course is designed to help participants understand why LinkedIn should be at the center of their sales and marketing strategy.
This course will help you discover the fundamental skills utilized when working with a computer and familiarize you with the Windows 10 user interface and its basic capabilities. In this course, you will explore Windows 10 and learn how to create documents, send email, browse the Internet, and share information between applications and with other users.
Discover how to create and deliver engaging multimedia presentations that convey the key points of your message through the use of text, graphics, and animations. Identify the basic features and functions of PowerPoint® 2016.
In this course, you will learn to use Word® 2016 to create, edit and format simple documents, add tables and lists, add design elements and layout options and proof documents.
Microsoft® Excel® is the most widely-used spreadsheet in business for managing, analyzing and presenting data. In this course, which combines lecture and hands-on practice, you will learn how to create spreadsheets and perform basic data analysis.
Prerequisite: Microsoft® Excel®: Basic or equivalent knowledge. In this course combining lecture and hands-on practice, you will review the basics of Excel® before proceeding to advanced features. Learn advanced formatting, outlines, charting, and data consolidation, creating and managing cell names, working with lists and tables, saving and publishing as web pages and working with hyperlinks, and documenting and auditing workbooks. Basic macros and pivot tables are also covered.
Advances in technology have made it possible to store ever increasing amounts of data. Along with this, the need to analyze that data and gain actionable insight is greater than ever. Being able to harness the power of advanced PivotTable features and create PivotCharts will help you to gain a competitive edge.
Prerequisite: Windows® experience This hands-on course for beginners will help you develop a familiarity with AutoCAD® command entries, menu structure, and geometric creation and manipulation. You will be introduced to fundamental two-dimensional commands for graphic creation and editing. Highlights include hardware/software requirements, menu and interface, drawing setup, editing techniques, text and dimensioning, and printing and plotting.
QuickBooks® is user friendly and an excellent choice for small business owners wanting to do electronic bookkeeping and accounting. Learn how to set up a new company and perform business-related tasks such as writing checks, invoicing, tracking receivables and payables, inventories, bank reconciliations, payroll functions, and journal entries, as well as how to print various reports and financial statements.
Prerequisite: Knowledge of Microsoft®Office products and the internet. This course will allow students to design their own websites using the latest version of HTML. The skills will adapt to other programs, such as Dreamweaver and WordPress Basic.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of the Internet and Windows®, HTML 5.0: Basic. Interactive web pages allow more effective communication with your audience. In this fast-paced course, students will explore effective Web site planning, as well as learn how to build interactive forms,embed audio and video files, and use advanced features.
Prerequisite: Knowledge of HTML. In this course, you will use Adobe®Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud 2017, the most current version of the Adobe design suite, to create web pages, focusing on the content, styling, and design. Dreamweaver Creative Cloud allows users to create clean web-standard code with visual editing tools. You will also maintain and administer your website with Dreamweaver's site and page management tools.
Recommended Prerequisite: Adobe Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud 2017: Part I and knowledge of HTML. This advanced course will teach users to enhance web pages by means of adding advanced functions such as navigational controls, media elements, and forms. In this course, users will create fluid CSS layouts, implement mobile integration techniques, and share files over a server to work in a collaborative manner.