The 2017 Appleseed Writing Institute is a writing workshop designed to develop K-16 teachers as writers, in both creative and professional genres, and as teachers who use writing effectively in their instruction to support students' writing. Participants will need prior approval before registering.
Using assessments to improve student learning involves more than the administration of "formative" assessments. It requires teachers to make well designed assessments an integral part of the instructional process. This session describes how teachers can develop clear learning targets, gather useful information on students' performance, offer effective feedback to guide improvements in teaching and learning, and then accurately document students' learning progress. Participants will learn how to use classroom assessments as effective learning tools, how to integrate performance assessments with more traditional assessment methods, how to align assessment procedures with important learning goals, and how these procedures will allow them to better meet the needs of diverse learners.
This workshop is co-sponsored by The Indiana Council for Economic Education, the IPFW Center for Economic Education and AEP's Indiana Michigan Power operating unit. The economics content will prepare participants to understand the interaction between energy and economic growth, to identify trade-offs that exist between energy and the environment, to recognize externalities that arise in the economy, and to appreciate the issues involved in regulating the electricity generating industry. Various speakers from AEP and other agencies, will provide guest lectures. A tour will visit coal-fired and hydroelectric plants in Indiana. Field trip to Michigan City on Tuesday, June 13 will leave IPFW at 7:30 a.m. and return by 6:30 p.m. Transportation will be provided. Lunch is on your own. This is the only time the class will NOT meet during regular times. Registration cost for existing teacher license holders or those seeking to renew their licenses is reduced due to the generous support of our program partners. This course is also available for 3 undergraduate credits (E408) or 3 graduate credits (BUFW 561). The fee is nonrefundable.
This session describes what we know about effective grading and reporting policies and practices. Keeping in mind the challenges faced by teachers, we will review the importance of fairness and honesty in grading and outline strategies for reporting student learning progress that ensure meaningful communication between school and home.