Hosted by Appleseed Writing Project (a National Writing Project site sponsored by IPFW's Department of English & Linguistics and the College of Education and Public Policy).
This workshop is co-sponsored by The Indiana Council for Economic Education, the IPFW Center for Economic Education and AEP's Indiana Michigan Power operating unit.The economics content will prepare participants to understand the interaction between energy and economic growth, to identify trade-offs that exist between energy and the environment, to recognize externalities that arise in the economy, and to appreciate the issues involved in deregulating the electricity generating industry. Various speakers from AEP and other agencies, along with teachers with recognized expertise in teaching units on energy and the environment, will provide guest lectures. A tour will visit coal-fired and hydroelectric plants in Indiana.
The purpose of this workshop is for elementary general music teachers in exploring Orff Schulwerk approach. The workshop will be for music teachers at any level of their professional career.