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Whether for a career move or for personal knowledge, get all the information needed to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Our personal trainer course is a great way to prepare to be a successful nationally Certified Personal Trainer.
FREE WEBINAR: This session is designed to provide information for anyone interested in the fitness profession or in becoming a nationally certified personal trainer.
Yoga Flow integrates poses, postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. This is a mindful and moving class. All levels welcome.
Yoga Tone is an energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing movements and music. It incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session for the perfect balance of sweat and serenity.

Basketball Referee Training School will take you through the rules book and prepare you to pass the IHSAA online exam to become a licensed basketball official. This course will include classroom instruction and on-court training to learn positioning, signals, and more. This class is a great way to stay active and earn extra money after you pass the licensing exam.
Feeling like you just want to feel stronger in the day-to-day activities of life? Come join this 45 minute functional conditioning class to tighten and tone and strengthen all of the major muscle groups. We will use various forms of resistance, including weights, stability balls, tubes, and the barre to help you achieve your wellness goals. Core, balance, and flexibility training will also be included.
In Gentle Flow, you will be guided through postures in Vinyasa style, beginning with basic poses, but allowing for more challenging poses based on your practice level. This is a great class for students looking for a more gentle experience, those who are new to yoga or those who need a change of pace, yet still have the option to take it to the next level. This class is designed for beginning through intermediate students. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.
When you wake in the morning, the mind is alert and uncluttered. A morning practice sets you up for a happy, healthy and peaceful day. Class begins with gentle stretching as we build the energy with flowing movement into an invigorating practice. This beginner to intermediate class is designed to build strength, balance and flexibility. Wake the body, settle the mind, find the breath and begin your day with some yoga. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.
Lift your tush, get your heart rate up and tone and tighten all of the right areas with this high-energy, fun and challenging barre workout!
Each class will have a different mix of cardio and strength formatting, with the variety ensuring enhanced fat burning and alleviating boredom. Piloxing will be included, as well extensive core training, flexibility, and stretching.

Learn the most effective techniques to defend yourself against the most common attacks on women. You will learn how to physically turn your body into a weapon through striking, ground fighting, and self-defense techniques that allow you to go home safely.
This class is designed for first time yogis. It is the right class for you if you would like to learn the fundamentals of yoga in a nurturing and relaxing environment where EVERYONE is new. You will learn simple breathing techniques, the foundation poses of Sun Salutations and basic transition poses found in most yoga classes. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement.
Although Yoga is physical in nature, it also benefits emotional well being. Yoga physically strengthens the muscles in the spine creating flexibility and ease in motion and is a tremendous stress reducer. This class will give those who are new to yoga a judgement-free atmosphere in which to learn. For the more advanced yoga enthusiasts, this class will give you the opportunity to explore new areas.