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Course Detail: CAA401 - Woodwind Summer Music Week
Woodwind Summer Music Week is a day camp for beginning to advanced woodwind students age 12 to 18. Offering instruction in clarinet, flute, oboe, French horn and basson, this program includes chamber music, master classes, large woodwind ensemble performance, and introductory music theory classes. Master class topics will include how to effectively and efficiently practice, scale studies, how best to warm up, and performing under pressure (audition preparation). Chamber music offers students an opportunity to make music with their peers without a conductor. They will learn how to solve musical challenges on their own, explore their own musical creativity, and receive expert coaching from Fort Wayne Philharmonic musicians. Music theory will provide younger students an opportunity to learn about how music is organized and composed. Music theory subjects will include interval identification, chord analysis, and meter and rhythm studies. Call 260-481-6059 for details.

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