Innovation Overview

Micro Courses

This micro course is for anyone that wants to be a leader in their current position, has recently taken on a managerial role, or aspires to take on a future leadership role. Regardless of whether you have a traditional leadership role within your company or organization, you will come away from this micro course with strategies on how to lead through challenging situations and boost your effectiveness as a leader.

July 1-28, 2020, Online
December 1-28, 2020, Online
Change is hard. It is also inevitable. These fast-changing times require us to be nimble and able to adapt. In this micro course, you will learn how to manage and/or cope with change personally and develop ways to lead others through change.

August 1-28, 2020, Online
Your personal brand makes you visible as an expert and practitioner. In this micro course, you will explore the tools and techniques to identify and build a visible presence online and within your community.

August 1-28, 2020, Online