Diversity and Inclusion

Micro Courses

"Diversity and Inclusion" is a hot topic in many organizations, but oftentimes it is difficult to move "beyond the buzz words" to action that helps individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and of the people with whom they work. In this micro course, you will explore factors that affect your conscious and unconscious thoughts and develop strategies for building empathy and reducing bias in your workplace.

September 1-28, 2020, Online
We are all influenced by the culture(s) in which we live, but we do not often think about how this impacts our interactions with others. In this micro course, you will reflect on your own "cultural background", including your values and communication styles, and you will come away with skills and strategies that will help you effectively navigate interactions with your colleagues, clients, and others you encounter daily.

October 1-28, 2020, Online
In this micro course, you will come away with a toolkit of strategies for fostering an inclusive workplace culture. This micro course is for any individual who is wondering what they can do to make their department or organization as welcoming as it can be for people of any and all backgrounds.

November 1-28, 2020, Online

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