T&L 2900: VIR: Educational Assessment: Assessing Student Learning in the Classroom

This course is designed to further develop the attitudes, knowledge, and conceptual and technical skills required by teachers to help them identify the educational goals of students and to select or design and implement relevant, meaningful, and beneficial instructional strategies for effective learning by students with special needs. The focus of this course will therefore be on assessment for instructional programming. The course will outline procedures for designing or selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting a variety of informal assessment measures for use in schools. A range of informal assessment measures in the academic, social and behavioral skills areas will form the core of the content to be covered. The presentation of assessment information in an acceptable format that is responsive to the needs of parents and teachers will also be addressed.

The course is organized into four major sections. Each section has a number of chapters that highlight new, sometimes controversial, but always relevant views or practices regarding this most dynamic of educational fields. Each section will include a list of objectives that will help you to focus your readings and discussions, as well as clarify tasks that will help you combine theory and practice.

Please refer to the Course Resource document for more course information (requirements, grading, etc.)

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