Course Detail: WTPL125 - Orientation to Lineworker Pre-Apprenticeship

This hybrid 45-hour course introduces the fundamental principles needed to understand the different careers in power technology. As a result of this training, students will be able to demonstrate ability to navigate, Enrole, and Canvas, including updating personal and contact information, uploading files and assignments, communicating with students and instructors, as well as identifying current program/course information such as schedules, due dates, and important academic scheduling dates; identify the Learning Objectives and schedule for the Lineworker Pre-Apprenticeship Program including completing OSHA-10 Construction Training, NSC First Aid, CPR, and AED Training, and describe the methods and training required to obtain a Commercial Driving License (CDL); demonstrate the ability to locate and apply for careers from different types of employers in the Power Industry, including crafting a trades-focused resume that includes the skills and work experience most often sought by prospective employers; basic computer and internet skills refresher training including creating, saving, and sharing files with Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and Windows File Explorer; and select the personal protective equipment, clothing, and tools needed to participate in the Pre-Apprenticeship Program.

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