GHC24 - Great Hawai"i Conference: Reclaim Your Immune System

Advances in Managing the Gut-Immune-Nervous System Connection - Jeffery Bland, Ph.D. (Fri, March 22, 8am-4pm)

Over the past five years, considerable progress has been made in both the recognition and intervention surrounding disorders resulting from dysfunctions of the gut-immune-nervous system interaction. These conditions includes various pre-autoimmune disorders, cognitive dysfunctions, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), type 2 diabetes, and sarcopenia. This presentation will review the evolution of understanding of the systems biology of these conditions, assessment of the functional disorders associated with them, and nutritional intervention strategies that have been demonstrated to mitigate the underlying dysfunctions leading to their progression.

Reclaim Your Immune Resilience and Vitality in this Post-Pandemic Era - Kristi Hughes, ND, IFMCP, (Sat, March 23, 8am-5pm)

The post-pandemic ear has brought about a surge in patients facing immune dysfunction, exhaustion, brain fog, exercise intolerance, sleep challenges and increased pain.

Many individuals with post-acute sequelae COVID experience debilitation symptoms such as pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, and gut dysfunction. They struggle to find root-cause approaches to restore their energy and wellness. Recent studies state that long-haul syndrome is not self-resolving unless the underlying causes driving the tissue damage and severe inflammation are addressed.

In Dr. Kristi's workshop she delves into sub-phenotype of PASC, exploring hypotheses related to viral persistence, mitochondrial dysfunction, immune dysregulation, organ injury and microbiome challenges.

Cultivating immune resilience and providing a post-viral recovery program involves identifying unique antecedents and triggers while addressing root causes with natural medicine solutions, dietary modifications, and targeted therapeutics. Personalized care plans are essential to manage post-viral response effectively.

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