Certificate Programs

This four session 100 hour program provides doctors of chiropractic and T5+ chiropractic students the opportunity to learn the age-old technique of acupuncture in levels of progression. Each session incorporates classroom and laboratory practicum to advance your acupuncture knowledge along with your clinical application skills.  It offers an overview and basic training in acupuncture theory and techniques.

In order to qualify for the NBCE acupuncture exam and use acupuncture as a adjunct therapy, you must complete this program in its entirety, and succesfully pass all of the examinations.

At the completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in identifying and needling common acupuncture points.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in applying acupuncture and TCM theory to clinical compliants and conditions.
  • Confidently incorporate acupuncture in the treatment of common and complex clinical conditions.

For Class:
You must come prepared to expose parts of your body so your partners can needle you and vis-versa.  Dressing rooms are available in the lab classroom. Therefore, ALWAYS bring a gown or gown top, swimsuit, shorts, or loose clothing that will allow for this.  T-back sport bras are NOT a good choice since they don’t allow easy access to the thoracic spine. 

Clean Needle Kit: All students are required to purchase a clean needle kit and a box of gloves.  The Campus Store has the kits and gloves for sale, please call them at 952-885-5416 or email orders@nwhealth.edu to find out how to order your kit.  In addition, you need to purchase a hard sided case to contain all supplies in the clean needle kit (i.e. tackle box like – a soft case is not acceptable). You will need to purchase the case from an outside vendor.  They are not available at the Campus Store.


  • A Manual of Acupuncture, (2nd  edition, hardcover) Peter Deadman ISBN-13: 978-0951054659
  • Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion Cheng Xinnong ISBN-13: 978-7119017587
  • (NEW) The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists & Herbalists, (2nd  edition) Giovanni Maciocia ISBN-13: 978-0702052163
  • (NEW) Clean Needle Technique for Acupuncturists, (7th edition) - download your free copy here http://www.ccaom.org/downloads/7thEditionManualEnglishPDFVersion.pdf.



  • The Web that has No Weaver Ted Kaptchuck: ISBN-13: 978-0809228409
  • Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine Giovanni Maciocia: ISBN-13: 978-0939616190
  • Close to the Bone: The Treatment of Musculo-skeletal Disorder with Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine David Legge: ISBN-13: 978-0731691173
  • Motor Point Index - An Acupuncturist's Guide to Locating and Treating Motor Points (Kindle Edition), Matt Callison


1. Clean Needle Technique Examination (Written & Practical)
2. Comprehensive Final Written Examination
3. Comprehensive Final Practical Examination

A score of 70% or greater is required on all written examinations for successful program completion; the clean needle practical and the final practical examination are both pass/fail. Competency in performing assigned acupuncture points must be demonstrated.  If a score of 70% is not achieved on all written exams AND passing all practical exams, there is one opportunity for repeating the examination.


Attendance of all classroom-training hours (100 total hours). Successful completion of all program examinations (written and practical).


In Minnesota, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires you to attend this program in its entirety (no hours earned outside this program are accepted) and pass the NBCE acupuncture exam.  If you plan to practice in another state, we recommend you check directly with your state licensing board about their eligibility requirements.

The goal of this 48 hour Nutrition program is to provide the practitioner a complete Nutritional System that will provide you the knowledge and confidence to help your patients IMMEDIATELY. Though each session is a stand alone, each session will build upon each other by following a simple framework of thinking using a simple acronym (STAMP) that will help guide you through a thought process that is quick and efficient.

This simple yet effective framework will guide you through patient history, questionnaires, lab testing, physical exams, diets and lots of detailed protocols. In addition, during the length of the series all attendees will have access to a private online community with direct access to Dr. Sefcik, as well as other attendees to help support each other as you implement this nutritional system.

This the the ultimate nutritional system that you have been waiting for. Who should attend? All health professionals and office staff. It's critical to have everyone in the office on the same page to more effectively implement this simple system.

Wisconsin Doctors of Chiropractic:  Completing this program meets the requirements of the Wisconsin DSPS to allow you to offer nutritional counseling in your office.  You need to attend all 4 sessions and pass the exam offered at each session.  Once you complete the training and pass the exams, visit this page https://dsps.wi.gov/Credentialing/Health/fm2761.pdf to complete the forms the state needs from you to become certified.  You should complete form 2761 and mail it to the board with the fee.  Form 2762 should be completed and emailed to jbell@nwhealth.edu who will complete the form for you and email it directly to the state on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of the student scholarship, you need to be a currently enrolled NWHSU student and attend all 4 courses (all 48 hours).

You can expect to demonstrate proficiency in lower extremity, upper extremity, core and cranial testing with a primary focus on the neuromuscular system. Learn to identify neuro-lymphatic and cranial relationships to help you more carefully diagnose and treat a variety of ailments.

Our instructor, Andrew Rostenberg, is supported by a team of applied kineisologists and team leads who will guide you through a hands-on experience filled with clinical pearls that can be applied immediately into your practice.  Applying the methods you learn will enhance the quality of care you'll provide and improve patient outcomes.

  • Hands-on experience with practical application
  • Enhanced student-to-instructor ratio

Many of today's most influential practitioners suggest the quality of their AK testing is one major component that has set them apart. 

"Mastering Applied Kinesiology has allowed me to help more people than I've ever imagined, which has created a successful and profitable practice year after year."  - Ron Ledoux, DC

PLEASE NOTE: In order to take advantage of the student scholarship, you need to be a currently enrolled NWHSU student and attend all 4 courses.

Iowa State Law requires Chiropractic Assistants to have documented training in the operation of various active physiotherapy (rehabilitation) procedures. The training is appropriate for any chiropractic assistant who performs or wants to perform these procedures. You'll take real life skills back to your practice. A substantial set of notes is included with this course.In addition, under the direct supervision of a doctor of chiropractic licensed in the State of Iowa, the chiropractic assistant must be taught how to use, and demonstrate competency in the operation of various active physiotherapy (rehabilitation) procedures. The total amount of time for training and demonstrating competency on all equipment shall be no less than six (6) hours. Upon receipt of the practical skills documentation form a certificate will be issued.

Iowa State Law requires chiropractic assistants to have documented training in passive physiotherapies (i.e. hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound, diathermy, electrotherapies, etc.).

However, the training is appropriate for any chiropractic assistant who performs or wants to perform these therapies. You learn real life skills to take back to your practice.

A substantial set of notes is included with the online course.In addition, under the direct supervision of a doctor of chiropractic licensed in the State of Iowa, the chiropractic assistant must be taught how to use, and demonstrate competency in the operation of various pieces of physiotherapy equipment used in the chiropractic practice for not less than six (6) hours. Upon receipt of the skills documentation form a certificate will be issued.

Get started on the path toward your CCSP® certification today! 

We are excited to offer this 75-hour on-line chiropractic sports injuries program. It allows you to complete the training at your own pace from home or your office. You learn from instructors with extensive teaching and clinical experience to gain the skills you need to treat sports injuries and athletes.

Complete this online program and attend our on campus sports hands-on courses to become eligible to apply for the certified chiropractic sports physician (CCSP®) certification exam.

Another hands-on program starts in Fall 2022. Learn emergency procedures, kineisology taping extremity adjusting, and therapeutic muscle stretching, 

Buy the entire 75 hour online program for $2250 (save $375 vs. buying each session separately).  Select 'Check all' and select the "Buy all 9 sessions" option in pricing below each course to get this discount.

Complete this program to become eligible to apply for the Certified Chiropractic Sport Physician (CCSP) exam offered by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, visit www.ACBSP.com for details about board certification.

CCSP exam registration is now open! It will be held on Nov. 5, 2022.  Click here for CCSP Written Exam Registration. 

Dr. Keys with an athlete

Complete both of the hands-on courses and our online Chiropractic Sports Injuries (CCSP) program to prepare yourself to apply for the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP®) exam offered by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (ACBSP®). 

The hands-on training is led by experts in the field of chiropractic sports medicine.  Learn in an interactive environment at our state-of-the-art campus. You will learn how to handle emergency procedures, kinesiology, dynamic and sports taping skills and extremity adjusting and therapeutic muscle stretching. The emergency procedures and taping course tuition includes a taping kit with everything you'll need for the course.

Since 1980, the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians™ (ACBSP) has led the development of sports medicine certification and has managed a world-class credentialing process that ensures certified sports chiropractors meet competency standards to effectively work with and treat athletes and those engaged in athletic activities. For more information about the certification process visit www.acbsp.com.


Today, more than ever before, employers are calling upon experts in employee health and injury prevention to help with cost containment of health expenditures. To prepare you for the successful delivery of on-site services to business and industry, take our three session online certificate program. You will become specially trained to help employers maintain employee health and reduce the alarming rate of work-related neuromusculoskeletal disorders.

This three session, 30-hour online certificate program is taught by Chad Henriksen DC, DACBOH; Elizabeth L. Auppl, and Joseph J. Sweere DC, DABCO, DACBOH, seasoned experts in the occupational health field.

This course adheres to federal administrative laws as set forth in 49 CFR Part 40.

Part 1 is a six (6) hour online course you will complete on Moodle, our learning management system.  It covers the training and competencies for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug and Alcohol Technician requirements.  

Part 2 of this program is a two (2) hour face-to-face online meeting with the instructor to demonstrate proficiency in the testing process of mock collections.  IMPORTANT: This step is required by the DOT in order for you to legally provide this service in your office.

After you complete part 1 of the training, you must set up and complete Part 2 within 30 days.  Upon successful completion of both parts you should be able to:

  1. Fulfill federal requirements for completing an instructional course and demonstrating proficiencies to operate within the DOT testing industry.
  2. Earn your certification to perform these services in your office.
  3. Understand how to maintain compliance with Federal 49 CFR Part 40.
  4. Understand the needs in the combined workforce for testing and outreach to industry and business as a certified drug and alcohol testing professional.
  5. Understand the public health problem of substance and alcohol use and addiction in the U.S.


As per course content, saliva and breath specimen collection are approved methods for screening for the presence of alcohol. 


Saliva: The "DOT Supply Kit" which contains the Alco Screen 02 single device, two test forms and a urine specimen kit that you will use during your mock collection demonstration of proficiency with the course instructor.   To order call the University Campus Store at 952-885-5416. It cost $5.00 plus shipping.


A breath screening device can be purchased through a vendor of your choice.  They are available from Amazon (see links below), Wal-Mart or CVS Pharmacy.  Prices fluctuate between $85-$150 per device.  These are the devices approved for use within the DOT's testing program:

  1. AlcoHawk (various models include PT500, Pro, etc.) breath units.  Instructor's rating: 5 star
  2. AlcoMate models Prestige 6000 or 7000 breathalyzer.  Instructor's rating: 4.5 star
  3. BacTrack S80 breath unit.  Instructor's rating: 5 star