Course Detail: MSSG-2013 - Kinesiology for Massage

Applied study of human kinesiology. Muscle movements and dysfunctions will be discussed and palpated. Includes theory and practice of functional muscle testing. Describe aspects of movement in relation to structural kinesiology; palpate bony landmarks and major muscle attachments and describe their functions; and apply specific therapeutic approaches and assessment tools.Students must enroll concurrently in MSSG 1009, MSSG 1011, MSSG 2013, MSSG 2014 and MSSG 1012 for the Fall Semester Massage Therapy Training.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) Massage Health and Hygiene
(required) Massage Therapy Fundamentals I
(required) Reflexology-Chair Massage
(required) Pathology for Massage

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Course Healthcare Requirements (PDF Document)

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