Course Detail: MSSG-1009 - Massage Health and Hygiene

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The study of safety and sanitation practices including universal precautions. The importance of proper body mechanics, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maintaining the massage environment, and the advantage of therapeutic relationships is also included.

Successful completer should be able to explain the need for universal precautions; develop a health and safety plan; exhibit proper personal hygiene; and demonstrate therapeutic interaction in various practice.

Students must enroll concurrently in MSSG 1009, MSSG 1011, MSSG 2013, MSSG 2014, and MSSG 1012 in the fall semester.

Fundamentals 2 MSSG 2011
A&P for Massage MSSG 1013
Therapeutic Modalities MSSG 1005
Business Practices & Ethics MSSG 1007

Optional: MBLEX Review & Make Up Hours MSSG 1091
Students must enroll in at least one internship
Internship June MSSG 2086
Internship July MSSG 2086

Course Pre-requisites
(requisite) Massage Therapy Fundamentals I
(requisite) Reflexology-Chair Massage
(requisite) Kinesiology for Massage
(requisite) Pathology for Massage

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Course Resources
Course Healthcare Requirements (PDF Document)

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