Course Detail: LLPSTORY23 - Everyone Has a Story to Tell: Memoir Writing

As we transition through the milestones of our life, we often think about what we would change. We like to remember our successes and memories most treasured., but failures also need to named and shared with others. Many families tell and re-tell the funny moments as children grow, leave home, and begin walking through their own milestones. Our professional lives also experience humor, disappointment, and important events leading to success or failure. There is something about the human spirit that wants to share stories, document, and preserve the story of our life. In this class, we review basic skills and technique in writing narrative nonfiction. Each week a different era in our lives will be emphasized. As we share our stories, there is gratification in knowing others have lived out their lives in similar ways. We also recognize the importance of diversity in the human story. A variety of tools and resources for self-publication will be presented during the final session(s) of the class.

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