Micro Course Detail: LDEQ120 - Developing the Leader Within

Regardless of your title, you have the opportunity to serve as a leader. It might be at work, within a faith organization, or as a member of your community. While people often assume that to be a leader, you must be in a supervisory or management role, real leadership is about more than a person's title or position. In fact, many organizations increasingly expect their employees to be leaders in their everyday work. In this micro course, you will explore various leadership skills, styles, and strengths - including your own. This micro course is for anyone that wants to be a leader in their current position, has recently taken on a managerial role, or aspires to take on a future leadership role. Regardless of whether you have a traditional leadership role within your company or organization, you will come away from this micro course with strategies on how to lead through challenging situations and boost your effectiveness as a leader. 

After successfully completing this micro course, you'll be able to: 
  • Describe a variety of leadership styles and their application to various workplace situations
  • Identify ways to demonstrate leadership qualities regardless of title or position
  • Articulate your own leadership philosophy
  • Demonstrate the impact leadership has on an organization 
For a preview of this course, please check out this video: 

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