Micro Course Information: CMWR182 - Writing in the Workplace

Workplace writing is essential, yet it is different from writing done for school and other purposes, and few people receive formal training on writing in a professional context. In this micro course, you will examine your own writing process as you learn about best practices for the most common forms of workplace writing, such as emails, memos, proposals, reports, newsletters, and writing for marketing and digital platforms. Learn strategies for practicing good email etiquette, techniques for maintaining a professional tone even in challenging communication situations, and tips for increasing your efficiency in tasks associated with writing.

After successfully completing this micro course, you'll be able to:    

  • - Apply best practices in several different business writing genres
  • Examine the fundamental structure and format of common interpersonal, informational, and public written communication forms

Micro Course Outline: 

Unit 1 -  Exploring the Writing Process


Unit 2 - Interpersonal Written Communication: Emails, Letters, and Memos

Unit 3 Informational Written Communication: Proposals and Reports

Unit 4 - Public Written Communications:  Newsletters, Emails, and Weblogs

This micro course is 100% online, features 15 hours of engaging content, and is self-paced during the course open and close dates. You will receive access to the micro course on the 1st of the month, but you are free to work through the material when it works best in your schedule! More information is available on our CareerPLUS website or on our FAQ page.

This micro course counts towards the CareerPLUS Professional Writing badge.

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