Badge Detail: Professional Speaking

During this badge program, you will explore techniques for leading "courageous conversations", giving and receiving feedback, and preparing for formal and informal situations that require oral presentations or speaking. You will also apply strategies for becoming an effective public speaker, thinking and speaking on the spot, networking and building rapport, creating positive first impressions, and becoming a confident conversationalist. To earn this badge, you must complete the following Clarke University CareerPLUS 15-hour micro courses: Courageous Conversations, Presentations and Public Speaking, and Improv and Impromptu Speaking in the Workplace. To earn this badge, you must meet the learning outcomes of this badge program by achieving at least 80% on all unit quizzes and applying your knowledge in responses to the required discussion prompts within each micro course.

Micro Courses

Micro Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Courageous Conversations Mandatory 0
Presentations and Public Speaking Mandatory 0
Improv and Impromptu Speaking in the Workplace Mandatory 0

Electives Required: