Using a simplified paint pallet and limited tools, you will learn the basics of watercolor painting on location. Starting with simple sketches and working toward completed paintings, students will learn to maneuver their paints in an effort to reference and capture materials with different textures and lighting in a variety of landscapes and backgrounds. Class will meet at various Detroit locations each week.

June 1-22, 2024, Ford Cafe
Bring your own DSLR camera or use a CCS camera and learn how to light and photograph 2D and 3D art and objects without a full photo studio and professional lighting.

Saturday, June 8, 2024, T*1121
Each class in this series will focus on a challenging part of the human body for artists. Students will work from 2D still reference images.

June 25, 2024 to July 9, 2024, W*309
Learn how to carve in wood or stone using both traditional and contemporary tools. Projects are self directed with the help from the instructor. Students provide their own materials.

July 20, 2024 to September 28, 2024, B*102