Certificate Detail: SUPERIND - Supervision: Individual Courses

5 Required Courses and 1 Elective Course - Required Hrs/Elective Hrs: 30/6

This certificate program provides supervisors and managers with practical skills for the day-to-day responsibilities of managing staff. Topics include techniques for communicating expectations to employees, giving performance feedback, and getting your own job done while leading others. This program is designed for entry- to mid-level supervisors and managers, small business owners, technical staff, and individuals interested in leadership roles. We recommend that students start the supervision program with Stepping Up to Supervisor followed by Using Feedback Effectively.

***Please Note to Complete Certificate Program***You must complete five required courses (see list at bottom of page) and one elective course. To satisfy your certificate elective, choose from the following classes. You may also select any other instructor-led class or test prep to satisfy your elective requirement.

       Leading Through Influence                                                            Business Writing: Refresh the Basic Rules

      Constructive Conflict Resolution                                                    Flexible Leadership

***Please Note***Some required course names in the Supervision: Individual certificate program have changed, please see below. If you have already completed the courses under the former name, you have completed the requirement and do not need to re-take the course.

Dealing with Poor Performance has changed to Managing Performance Accountability