T&L 2900: VIR: Study Skills: Boost Learning Skills and Improve Grades

Study Skills gives all students the leverage they need to move forward so they can process, absorb, comprehend, and utilize what they have learned. Study Skills reduces the 'shut down' that happens in the brain when you have one or more systems of perception not working as well as they should be. Study Skills reduces the strain on the brain. Specific strategies allow every student, even those with learning challenges, to strengthen their brain, organize their thoughts, and thrive.

This study skills course is designed for everyone involved with learning. It is a perfect fit for:

  • General educators
  • AT-Risk educators
  • Special educators and RTI
  • Middle School and High School students
  • Teachers and Tutors wanting to teach Study Skills after school
  • Parents of middle school and high school students
  • ADHD & Autism

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Course Resources
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