Course Detail: BICT103 - (Bio)engineering the Future - (High School) IN-PERSON

(Bio)engineering the Future:

Our genome is the code within each of our cells that make us who we are by coding for traits such as height and eye color. Are you aware that the technology is available to edit the genome of living organisms? The CRISPR-Cas9 system has revolutionized the way researchers study life and is allowing us to create new solutions to genetic disease or even manipulate bacteria to create useful chemicals. In this course, your student will experience the power of CRISPR-Cas9firsthand in a laboratory environment. This course will provide students with a background in genetics and molecular biology, the tools associated with the CRISPR-Cas9 toolkit, and be put to the test through designing their own application of the tool to help all of humankind. The students will learn key scientific skills including experimental design, aseptic technique, bacterial propagation and data analysis. These skills will prepare students for a future in scientific research and teach them the skills to apply new technologies in the lab.

LUNCH: Students staying for full day or for both morning and afternoon sessions can bring or buy their lunch.  All students will eat lunch on Campus in The Commons, a small food court.

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