Course Detail: ETHC104 - ETHICAL HACKING: (Middle AND High School) In-Person

ETHICAL HACKING: Want to become an Ethical Hacker? Learn to hack like a black hat and secure like a white hat hacker. Ethical hacking is a practice of detecting vulnerabilities in an application, system, or organization's infrastructure and bypassing system security to identify potential data breaches and threats in a network. This beginner-friendly course acts as a launch pad for your cybersecurity career and aims to walk you through the basic concepts of ethical hacking.This 15hr course is specially curated for students to enhance their knowledge of real cyber threats and other vital aspects of hacking, defending themselves in today's advanced Digital World. This course comprises the latest methodologies of ethical hacking and system penetration, giving a hands-on experience to the students on the latest hacking tools, techniques, and real-time case studies, which makes the student feel like a cyber ninja. 

Topics covered during this course are:
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Information gathering and footprinting
  • Email Attacks, Phishing, and how to protect yourself
  • Basics of Network Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Wireless Attacks and Security
  • Mobile Attacks and Security
Students are encouraged to bring a personal laptop or Chromebook to build their own "ethical hacking machine".  If this is not possible, UMBC will have devices for you to use during class. 

LUNCH: Students staying for full day or for both morning and afternoon sessions can bring or buy their lunch.  All students will eat lunch on Campus in The Commons, a small food court.

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Course Resources
Waiver - Photo and Video (PDF) 2023 (PDF Document)
Waiver - Release of Liability (PDF) 2023 (PDF Document)
Waiver - Release of Liability 18 and Over (PDF) 2023 (PDF Document)

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