Instructor: Paul Jones

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The Salt Lake County Health Department requires everyone wanting to be a certified I/M emissions inspector in Salt Lake County to complete this 24-hour training class offered only by Salt Lake Community College. SLCC's Applied Vehicle Emissions course includes an online component along with a two-hour in-person lab held on the Miller Campus in Sandy.
April 1-30, 2024, Online
May 1-31, 2024, Online
June 1-30, 2024, Online
July 1-31, 2024, Online
August 1-31, 2024, Online
September 1-30, 2024, Online
October 1-31, 2024, Online
November 1-30, 2024, Online
December 1-31, 2024, Online
This course is designed to provide building automation systems students with a solid foundation of electrical principles and concepts. Topics include: electrical quantities; static electricity; electron theory; magnetism; resistors; Ohms Law; series and parallel circuits; combination circuits; and electrical safety.
August 20, 2024 to November 5, 2024, Online