Instructor: Julia Anderson

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Classes by this instructor

This course introduces students to genealogy computer programs and basic genealogy skills used to conduct research and document records with appropriate citations. Students will learn how to use Internet tools for genealogy research in records from 1900 to present.
August 20, 2024 to October 15, 2024, Online
October 22, 2024 to December 24, 2024, Online
This 30-hour course is completely online with completion within 15 weeks. Students learn how to prepare a four-generation client research project that includes a written report.
August 20, 2024 to December 17, 2024, Online
This course provides an in-depth study of sources, records, and methodologies beyond U.S. Genealogy Research I, and focusing on years prior to 1850. This course can be taken concurrently with WTGN 012 International Research I and/or WTGN 016 Tracing Immigrant Origins.
October 22, 2024 to December 24, 2024, Online