Course Detail: WTGN001 - Intro to High-Tech Genealogy

This completely online 45-hour course is self-paced over an eight-week period. Most students spend 5 to 15 hours per week on mastering course content. At the end of this training students will be able to conduct genealogy research using the research cycle citing sources according to standard genealogical practice; apply basic methodology for US genealogical research from 1900 to present to provide evidence for genealogical conclusions; organize genealogical information in a genealogy data management program; search genealogical collections at a variety of online repositories.

Students will be given a student discount code to purchase RootsMagic, the required genealogy software for this course. You can purchase the full product with the discount code at this link RootsMagic Student

Students need access to one other genealogy computer program such as Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family Tree, Reunion, The Master Genealogist or Family Tree Maker which may include a fee.

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