Course Detail: WTAE100 - Applied Emissions

The Salt Lake County Health Department requires everyone wanting to be a certified I/M emissions inspector in Salt Lake County to complete this 24-hour training class offered only by Salt Lake Community College. SLCC's Applied Vehicle Emissions course includes an online component along with a two-hour in-person lab held on the Miller Campus in Sandy. As a result of this course, students will be able to explain the impact of air pollution and its automotive sources; how federal and local government regulate air quality; explain the Salt Lake County Emissions Program, its roles, and requirements; and the roles and responsibilities of I/M technicians and stations.

Salt Lake County requires students to complete the online portion of the training within the same month they register for the class. If students don't complete the online training in that month, SLCC will, at its discretion and when requested by the student, transfer students into the following month's course. Please note, whatever coursework you completed in the prior session will not transfer to the new session. You will start from the beginning. If a student registers for a class and doesn't complete 2 months in a row, the student will need to re-register and pay again for the course.

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