Course Detail: WTSN111 - Substation Apprenticeship 1A

This 15-week course meets six times per semester. As a result of this training students will be able to describe safety practices and procedures when working with substations, electricity, and grounding including lockout-tagout, dealing with electrical hazards, ground-fault circuit interrupters, batteries, and when working in energized substations; discuss electrical principles including basic atomic theory, basic electrical theory including Ohm's Law, conductors, insulators, resistance, and magnetism; identify the resistance of the major types of fixed resistors using their color code, recognize their purpose, and determine if they are operating correctly within power rating; implement Ohm's Law and the voltage divider formula to calculate the electrical values of series circuits including solving for the voltage, current, resistance, and power dissipation in a circuit; and explain high voltage AC power including using correct terminology, calculating power loss, explaining apparent and reactive power, and the process to conduct vector sum measurements.

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