Course Detail: WTPL450 - Transformer Basics

This 60-hour course meets 1 day a week over 6 weeks for 10 hours. As a result of this course students will be able to Discuss basic electrical theory, principles, and terminology including phases, banks, and Ferroresonance as they relate to transformers and electric power; recognize the different transformer characteristics including the construction, designations, sizing, overcurrent protection, and appropriate connection types, then perform calculations related to transformer kVA ratings to determine the type of transformer that is appropriate for specific situations; summarize NEC rules pertaining to transformers then diagram single-phase and three-phase transformer connections, including Delta and WYE connections per those rules; demonstrate safely and properly connecting and energizing transformers and three-phase banks in a controlled lab environment; and calculate and measure loads on three-phase transformers then demonstrate safe transformer load checks using meters and approved procedures.

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