Course Detail: WTPL411 - Lineworker 1

This 90-hour course meets 4 days a week for 10 hours per day. As a result of this training students will be able to describe the flow path of electricity from a power plant, through the components of a typical Transmission and Distribution System (T&D), to the customer including the maintenance and installation of common equipment utilized in Underground and Overhead distribution systems; identify and demonstrate the ability to safely use several types of manual hand tools and powder-actuated tools; verbally explain and then demonstrate the techniques and safety practices for free and belted wooden pole climbing, including pre-climb safety inspections, transitioning from primary to secondary and back, as well as the appropriate use of a handline, block and tackle, and rigging devices used in overhead distribution and transmission service, maintenance, and repair; identify tools and methods for installing Underground Residential Distribution (URD) systems, including pulling cable through conduit and pad mounted transformers connections; and identify and demonstrate the correct usage of the basic clothing, personal protective equipment, and safety gear used in T&D work.

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Full-Time Lineworker Pre-Apprentice should Register for March 26 to April 4 session

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