Course Detail: WTME241 - Meter Apprenticeship 4A

This 15-week course is a hybrid course which combines 30hours of online coursework with 8-hours of labs twice a month-students must attend 40 hours of labs. As a result of this training students will be able to demonstrate proper rubber glove use and the specific safety protocols necessary for safe metering, utilize program totalizing meter software and results data to perform full load adjustments, and read and analyze kW, kWh, PF, kVAR, and kVARh, perform non-electrical inspections for meter installations and inside transformer cabinets and meter boxes; and voltage, circuit continuity, phase, accuracy, and balance checks on polyphase, transformer-related meter installations, perform power electrical calculations and diagram primary meters, three-phase meters, and transformer connections and then process electronic information from solid state meters, interchangeable electronic register modules and their associated devices, and discuss high electrical bills, rates and billing schedules, and the cost to operate appliances, lighting, and other electrical devices with customers and ratepayers.

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