Course Detail: WTME232 - Meter Apprenticeship 3B

This 15-week course is a hybrid course which combines 30hours of online coursework with 8-hours of labs twice a month-students must attend 40 hours of labs. As a result of this training students will be able to demonstrate safety protocols for metering, specifically working on de-energized line and equipment and transformers, demonstrate understanding and working knowledge of the testing, installation, programming, and types of polyphase meters and polyphase and solid-state registers, illustrate and calculate active, reactive, and apparent power and how to determine power values using trigonometry to explain reactive metering, identify and connect the components in a three-phase, three-wire kilowatt meter to test equipment and perform individual and series element meter tests, and read, analyze, and troubleshoot data and results from three-phase meter tests and diagrams.?

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