Course Detail: WTME231 - Meter Apprenticeship 3A

This 15-week course meets for 8 hours twice a month. Students must complete 40 hours of labs. As a result of this training students will be able to discuss safety protocols for metering, specifically vehicle operation related to parking and driving, and appropriate use of hand tools; describe the function and operation of DC generators, DC motors, three-phase AC alternators, and motors, and demonstrate accurate use and interpretation of test instruments results, as well as the ability to read, interpret and draw schematic diagrams of generators, motors, and three-phase meters; design and verify polyphase meter installation including calculating KVA when system amperes are known, calculating KVA on a 4-wire delta, calculating KW for Three-phase systems; and demonstrating the ability to test various watt-hour meters, implement maintenance programs, explain watt-hour meter test tables, and identify the types of demand registers and tests a demand register must pass.

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