Course Detail: WTES110 - Alternating Current

This 38-hour course introduces AC electrical principles, including the behavior of voltage, current and power in circuits with resistance, capacitance, and inductance.  Magnitude and phase relationships are introduced.  The theory and behavior of transformers, three phase power and power factor are also introduced. The engineering mathematics required to master these topics is also taught. This course consists of 33 lecture hours and 5 lab hours taught asynchronously. Lectures are delivered online, and the lab portion will be in-person by appointment. As a result of this class, students will be able to: (1) Solve AC circuit problems with engineering mathematics, (2) Describe the initial, transient, and final behavior of inductors and capacitors, (3) Measure the magnitude and phase of both voltage and current in AC circuits, (4) Calculate, create, and describe power factor triangles, (5) Analyze and solve simple transformer circuits, (6) Calculate RMS, Line, and Phase values for voltage and current in both in both single and three phase AC circuits.

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