Course Detail: WTCL001 - International Residential Code - 6 hours

This 6-hour workshop meets once. Students who complete the workshop will be able to identify recent Utah legislation and its effect on the construction industry; recognize the Utah State Amendments to the 2015 International Residential Code; locate the provisions of the State adopted residential energy code requirements; and discuss common misunderstandings of the code and related legislative issues.

For those with contractor licenses in Utah, this workshop teaches the 2015 International Residential Code, which is the version of the code currently operative throughout the State of Utah. Taught by a code inspector, this live workshop is available in-person or via Zoom and satisfies all 6 hours of DOPL's re-licensing requirements for contractors. If the workshop is taken via Zoom, DOPL rules requires that student be visible on webcam throughout the length of the class.

This workshop meets Utah DOPL requirements for:

Contractor Core Hours: 6

Electrician Professional Hours: 6

Plumber Core Hours: 6

Certificate is available upon request.

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