Certificate Detail: VTRNRYASSTNTWTHHRSCAREMNGMNTCERT - Veterinary Assistant with Horse Care Management Certificate

The Veterinary Assistant with Horse Care Management 100% online self-paced, open entry advanced career training program teaches students the comprehensive, specialized skills that stables, equestrian centers, and large animal veterinary facilities look for with an additional focus on horse care techniques. After successful completion, students know basic principles of equine husbandry practices; have a broad knowledge of horse care; understand proper management of the health and condition of horses in various situations and conditions; have gained a deeper understanding of horse behavior and practical skills in properly handling and training horses; know the various aspects of horse breeding and the importance of genetics and selective breeding; can summarize the roles, responsibilities, and applicable laws and ethics as they pertain to the veterinary healthcare team; know the fundamentals of animal anatomy and physiology, restraint techniques, and basic examination tasks relevant to veterinary assisting, using proper terminology; can explain how to perform veterinary assistant pharmacy tasks within the law's scope and discuss vaccinations, infectious diseases, transmission, and prevention; know how to respond appropriately to veterinary medical emergencies, surgeries, and various laboratory procedures; and can explain and understand the veterinary assistant's responsibilities related to veterinary dentistry. For more information and to register, click here


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Veterinary Assistant with Horse Care Management Mandatory 2

Electives Required: 0