Certificate Detail: MEDINTERPCERT - Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English) Certificate

The Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English) 100% online self-paced, open entry advanced career training program teaches students the skills necessary to work at a Medical Interpreter in a hospital, clinic, office visit, or other medical situation. After successful completion, students have developed best practice interpreting techniques - simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation; know medical terminology in both Spanish and English and the corresponding transfer into the opposite language; understand protocol when interpreting for a Spanish-speaking patient; have mastered the code of ethics of the medical interpreter; have developed professionalism, accuracy, and a mastery of cross-cultural differences; have prepared for a job as a certified or non-certified medical interpreter; and are ready to successfully take the medical interpreter certification exam. For more information and to register, click this link: click here


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Medical Interpreter (Spanish/English) Mandatory 2

Electives Required: 0