Certificate Detail: ENDOFLIFECARECERT - End of Life Care Certificate

The Certificate in End of Life Care 100% online 6 to 8-week instructor-led or 90-day completely self-paced course prepares students for the challenges of end of life care for patients and their families, and enhances the knowledge and skills students need who work with or care for those experiencing a terminal illness. After successful completion, students understand the holistic and integrative care of individuals at the end of life; know the ethical issues; can provide hospice and palliative care, pain assessment and management; have skills in physiologic changes, death, dying, and grief; understand how to consider cultural considerations; provide pediatric care; and explain to patients and family members the key elements of end-of-life management. For more information and to register click here


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Certificate in End of Life Care Mandatory 2

Electives Required: 0