Certificate Detail: COMPTECHCERT - Composites Technician Onboarding Certificate

This 24-hour, week-long course gives students a broad introduction to the world of advanced composites, with a focus on carbon fiber reinforced epoxy systems. This course is offered in a lecture/lab setting with a 30/70 split, respectively. Students will cover lecture topics such as basic measuring, layup notation, science, and math skills required to be a composite technician. In the lab, students will perform five hands-on lab projects covering the fabrication skills and techniques (including leak free vacuum bags!) needed to perform basic pre-impregnated layup and wet layup processes. Chemical and lab safety as well as foreign object debris (FOD) awareness is always practiced. These skills are essential to manufacturing composite parts in the aerospace field. Successful completion of this single-course program meets the requirements to earn the Composite Technician Onboarding Certificate.


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
Composites Technician Onboarding Mandatory 2

Electives Required: 0