Certificate Detail: CMPTIACERTFCTNTRNNGIFTACERT - CompTIA Certification Training: ITF+ and A+ Certificate

The CompTIA Certification Training: ITF+ and A+ 100% online self-paced, open entry advanced career training program teaches students a solid foundation in essential IT concepts preparing them for a dynamic career in the rapidly evolving tech industry by mastering computer hardware, software, networking, security, and more. After successful completion, students understand how to define IT-related terminology and concepts; can explain about the tools and constructs that enable programmers to create software; describe how databases store and report structured data; have mastered the fundamental concepts of multiple operating systems to maintain and support them effectively; can develop troubleshooting skills for software, hardware, and connectivity issues; have acquired knowledge of network fundamentals, protocols, and troubleshooting techniques; have gained in-depth experience in assembling and disassembling computer parts to expand your IT expertise; are prepared for CompTIA ITF+ and A+ certification exams (220-1101 and 220-1102); and have boosted their employability with a highly respected and recognized certification that demonstrates their proficiency in essential IT skills. For more information and to register, click here


Course Title Mandatory Year Span
CompTIA Certification Training: ITF+ and A+ Mandatory 2

Electives Required: 0