Course Detail: PRS5 - IMPACT Suicide: Empowering Our Youth - 2 CEUs Available

Didyou know that 94% of adults believe that suicide is preventable (AmericanFoundation for Suicide Prevention).  Recent data indicates that thesuicide death rate for those aged 10-24 years in the US has increased by 52.2%between 2000-2021 (CDC, 2023).  Please join us for this year's"IMPACT Suicide: Empowering Our Youth" conference to learn aboutresources and methods for reducing the number of lives lost to suicide. This year's conference provides an opportunity for community members andprofessionals to come together to learn more about preventing youth suicide.This presentation will bring together speakers who engage the audienceemotionally through personal experience, educate through data-driveninformation, and breakout sessions that will teach best practices. Allconference goers will receive the Chad's Coalition presentation on"Training Trusted Adults" and as a result, those in attendance willleave with enhanced knowledge on the prevalence of mental health issues, highrisk groups, and how to respond with confidence and with care when a childbrings up a concern about themselves or someone they know.  Anotherhighlight of the conference this year will be a forum exploring resourcesavailable in our community and how to access these resources.  

 Session Information: CFS24-PRS5-05X

Schedule: Every day, starting on 12/05/23 and ending on 12/31/24
Times: 12:00am-12:00pm CST
Course Fee : $20.00


You will receive an email with a link to the recording of this training. After completion of the training please email to request surveys. A post test survey along with the Evaluation survey and the Proof of Attendance survey will be emailed. Once all surveys are completed and documents verified a certificate will be sent via email.

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