Course Detail: PRS3 - Hospice: Traveling with Grief, Tools for the Journey - 2 CEUs Available

This session will help participants look at the grief process through a new lens and do a bit of re-energizing too! The grief experience will be explored with an emphasis on understanding grief as a non-linear, personal journey with some common experiences. People who come to this conference will leave with new, impactful ways of thinking about grief and meaning - both as a grieving individual and as a person who supports those journeying through grief. Specific tools and grief management ideas will be shared. Handy hacks for managing personal energy and relationships while grieving will be discussed. Conversation will also include how world changes have affected grief in the last few years and specific ideas to manage these changes. Besides the keynote speaker, participants will hear from an energizing resource panel that includes four speakers sharing fresh ideas and useful tools for managing our physical beings, our creative selves, our communicating/social selves, and our spiritual selves as we deal with grief. Participants will leave the presentation with new techniques to use for patients, volunteers, and themselves. 

Name 2 things about grief you did not know
Explain the Rule of 60%
Name an idea to help someone who is grieving
Name an idea to help yourself when grieving
Explain one de-escalation idea
Describe Zentangle
Explain one body-based coping exercise
Share one spiritually-based care idea

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 Session Information: CFS23-PRS3-03X

Schedule: This is online and self-paced at each individual's convenience.
Times: 07:00am-11:00pm CST
Registration Fee : $30.00


You will receive an email with a link to the recording of this training. After completion of the training please email to request surveys. A post test survey along with the Evaluation survey and the Proof of Attendance survey will be emailed. Once all surveys are completed and documents verified a certificate will be sent via email.

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